Eugene Popov

You come and bring me your idea. I listen to you carefully, think a little and tell you how to put it into action. I'll cover all the bases: from development platform selection and programming language to developers team recruitment and business planning.

  • JavaScript (ES, TypeScript, Angular, React, Vue, Node.js)
  • PHP
  • Python (FastAPI, PyTorch)
  • MongoDb
  • My/PostgreSQL
  • Firebase
  • HTML
  • CSS (Sass, Tailwind)
  • Server/CI(Apache, Nginx, Docker, AWS, Bitbucket/Gitlab pipelines)
  • Git
  • Responsive/Adaptive Layout
  • Hybrid applications(Ionic)
  • Web applications
  • CRM applications
  • Thin web client applications
  • Application architecture
  • Planning roadmaps
  • UI/UX

Exp 20y+…

  1. Freelance

    full-stack web/mobile developer

    Dec 2014 — Present

    High load media sites development: streaming video, popular science sites and similar. Developing social networks, promo/customer apps for various target audiences.


    project manager

    Jan 2014 — Mar 2014

    Business planning for project: preparing roadmaps, managing work process. Solving the problem of missed deadlines.

  3. HomeNet

    web developer

    Apr 2010 — Nov 2014

    Development of thin clients. Design and implementation of a custom framework based on MTS (telecommunication company) personal dashboard. Development of interfaces for billing systems and B2B applications. Managing a team of telecommuting developers.


    web developer

    Feb 2009 — Feb 2010

    Frontend development, SEO tuneup for client’s trading sites. Managing a team of telecommuting backend developers. Developing personal dashboards and webpages for clients.

  5. AlterLab

    web developer

    Jan 2008 — Dec 2008

    Creating a web site for a film theater “Cinema”, 3D visualization of interiors and exteriors. Making 3D art for 2D games.

  6. Avenue-art

    web developer

    Dec 2005 — Jan 2008

    Marketing campaigns for different brands. Design and production of street ads. Full cycle promo site development.

  7. Advecon

    web developer

    Sep 2005 — Dec 2005

    Full cycle site development.

  8. EleFun Multimedia

    web developer

    Jun 2003 — Jul 2005

    Game development, work on animated wallpapers, web directories, and promo sites.


  • Russia
  • Australia
  • USA


  • consumers
  • mass media
  • communications
  • B2B
  • B2C
  • promo
  • gambling
  • turism